The top priority of HOTEL MEO is maintaining a high standard of cleanliness:

The biggest concern when bringing your beloved cats to visit or stay in unfamiliar places, whether for a short or an extended period of time, is the risk of cross-infection with contagious diseases from the environment or other cats around.

To minimize the  risk of infection for your cats, HOTEL MEO implements comprehensive and scientifically rigorous measures to prevent bacterial contamination. These measures are applied throughout the entire process of check-in, accommodation, and check-out, more specifically:

1/ Ensuring absolute hygiene and safety in the accommodation rooms and play areas for the cats through a 3-step cleaning process using a disinfectant and deodorizer solution called HOCl (Hypochlorous acid). HOCl is a powerful oxidizing agent that, upon contact with bacteria, oxidizes and destroys them. It is highly effective in combating fungi, viruses, and bacteria, while being completely safe for both pets and humans. HOCl has been proven effective against various microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores. Its antibacterial properties are 100 times stronger than 70% alcohol, and it is particularly advantageous as it is colorless, free from harmful chemicals, and absolutely safe for pets. HOCl is a natural biological agent that is naturally produced by the animal’s immune system to defend against harmful invading factors from the outside.

2/ Ensuring absolute cleanliness of all objects and toys in the hotel room:
After disinfection using the HOCl solution mentioned previously, items in the room such as food bowls, water bowls, and various toys belonging to the cats will undergo a second round of sterilization using advanced UV ray and ozone technology to ensure that everything is 100% clean and sterile before being placed back in the room for the next feline guests.

3/ All cleaning towels used in the rooms are disposable, and no fabric or reusable towels are employed. This measure aims to minimize the risk of cross-contamination between the cats.

4/ Sterilizing and maintaining cleanliness of the toilets:
All toilets are regularly cleaned at least three times a day in the morning, afternoon, and evening, as well as whenever a cat has finished using it.
After each cleaning, the toilet is sprayed with HOCl solution to sterilize and deodorize.
High-quality Japanese cat litter with minimal dust is utilized.
Each toilet is equipped with a separate litter scoop and plastic tray, ensuring no sharing or contact between cats.
After each check-out, the litter scoop and plastic tray are thoroughly cleaned with soap and water, which are then sterilized with HOCl solution. Afterward, they undergo a second sterilization using UV rays and ozone before being reused.

5/ All toys and belongings brought for the cats (if any) to HOTEL MEO will be sterilized with HOCl solution, UV rays, and ozone before being taken into the rooms with our feline pets.

6/ The temperature and humidity are closely monitored 24/7 to ensure the optimal environment inside HOTEL MEO, especially within each room, for the best health status of the cats. This is attained through electronic devices that automatically measure temperature and humidity both outside and inside each hotel room, combined with regular operation of high-quality air humidifiers and air purifiers.

7/ Regarding HOTEL MEO staff:

  • The HOTEL MEO staff is committed to maintaining good health status and being free from infectious diseases. They are required to wear clean gloves when handling check-in and check-out procedures with the cats, as well as during the care and transportation of the cats to the play area and back to the rooms (they must change gloves when interacting with different cats, using one pair of gloves per cat).
  • Room service and housekeeping staff must wear gloves and sanitize their hands with HOCl solution each time they move from one room to another for activities such as feeding, changing water, or cleaning (they must not touch the cats during these processes).

8/ All family members of the cats and all HOTEL MEO staff are required to change into clean slippers (HOTEL MEO provides them at the entrance door) to ensure the cleanest and most sterile environment for the cats’ stay and play.

9/ Regarding the cats themselves:
HOTEL MEO is a facility that serves healthy cats, so the following conditions must be met for cats to stay at HOTEL MEO:

  • They must have received at least 2 doses of vaccines for 4 dangerous cat diseases: panleukopenia by feline parvovirus (FPV), respiratory tract infection by feline herpesvirus-1 (FHV-1), rhinotracheitis (FHV-1), and upper respiratory infection by feline calicivirus ( FCV).
  • The most recent vaccine must have been administered at least 2 weeks but no more than 1 year prior to the current date.
  • They must have been vaccinated against rabies within the last year.
  • They must have been treated for worms, fleas, and ticks within the past year, and no evidence of ticks should be found during check-in.
  • They must have a health record that proves they meet all the aforementioned requirements.

10/ In addition to the measures stated previously, to ensure the safety and disease prevention for the cats, HOTEL MEO also ensures their safety in any possible situation or incident, specifically:

  • The process of receiving and delivering the cats includes multiple steps of checking and cross-referencing information and photos of the cats and their family members to avoid confusion or loss.
  • Emergency cat rescue backpacks are always available on-site in case of emergencies or fires, allowing for the quickest and safest evacuation of the cats.

Promptly following the first criterion of SUPER CLEAN, SUPER LUXURY is another indispensable criterion that cannot NOT exist in a high-end hotel. For HOTEL MEO, the level of luxury has been taken to a new level, known as SUPER LUXURY:

  • 24/7 online room reservation, with the ability to search and select the most suitable available room and easily make online payments anytime, anywhere.
  • High-quality ceiling-mounted air conditioning operating throughout the day
  • Regular operation of dehumidifiers and air purifiers based on the environment and weather conditions.
  • Automated temperature and humidity monitoring devices operating 24/7, not only in the hotel premises but also installed in each room for the cats.
  • Ready-to-use power generators in case of sudden power outage.
  • Each room is equipped with its own camera and there also are 24/7 surveillance cameras allowing family members to remotely observe the cats at any time, reminiscing and monitoring their eating, sleeping, activities, and playtime during their stay at HOTEL MEO.
  • Furthermore, images of the cats’ daily activities will be sent to family members via the Zalo application.
  • The cats will be served with premium, high-quality food from leading international brands such as Royal Canin (France), Nekko Jelly (Japan), Ciao treats and soups, Snappy Tom (Thailand), etc.
  • Their diet will also be supplemented with digestive fiber, vitamins, and minerals from homegrown fresh cat grass without stimulants or harmful pesticides.
  • Lavie mineral water will be provided for both the cats and their family members.
  • Japanese dust-free cat litter will be used for hygiene purposes.
  • The hotel rooms are constructed with 100% warm, elegant, and stylish Plygood wood, featuring a new, beautiful, well-equipped, spacious, and well-ventilated design with various options to meet the different needs of the cats.
  • There will be a separate, spacious play area for running, jumping, and climbing, equipped with a diverse range of toys based on the cats’ habits and preferences.
  • Door-to-door transportation services for the cats.
  • Locker cabinets for storing cat backpacks.