Discover the mysterious electricity on Lam Vien plateau

This is an architectural complex of different items, the highlight is the flower garden and 3 villas. Flower garden designed by Japanese engineers, especially in the garden has a lake, when filled, it will form a Vietnamese terrain.

The palace is a complex of three villas Lam Ngoc, Bach Ngoc and Hong Ngoc, designed and built to imitate French architecture with red tile roofs, chimneys, fireplaces and many windows.

Inside the villa there are many functional rooms such as meeting rooms, working, dancing, makeup, in the rooms there are fireplaces … Almost all building materials, decorative objects, living tools In special electricity are imported from abroad.

Lam Ngoc Villa consists of 2 buildings. The first building is located at the entrance, which is the resting place of the host when going to Dalat on the weekend.

The Lam Ngoc mansion was built solidly, with its own internal exit tunnel and shelter. The mouth, the hatch cover, is made of thick iron to avoid gunfire. Under the cover is a solidly built cellar with an area of ​​about 4m2, covered with ceramic tiles. The tunnel connects to the outside of the mansion by another path.

Bach Ngoc Villa is an entertainment place. In front of the villa is a 300m3 swimming pool, 1.2 to 2.2m deep. This was the only hot swimming pool of the whole South at that time.

The three villas have their own architectural features, designed in harmony, connected together through a garden and paths. The garden was designed by Japanese engineers. In the garden, there is a lake, when filled, it will create a Vietnamese terrain.