Things to pay attention when traveling Nha Trang

Nha Trang is the name that has never cooled down since entering the commercial tourism industry. The immense beauty, world-class service, very interesting sea activities … All make up an increasingly rich and prosperous Nha Trang today. Have you been to Nha Trang yet? Mytour will list the things to keep in mind when coming here so you can have the perfect trip!


Nha Trang is a coastal city that can go to all seasons of the year, each season has an interesting and unique feature, but the most suitable is still going around January to August every year, which is the most beautiful. The summer months, the weather is cool, cool and airy, suitable for leisure trips in all parts of the city.
Nha Trang đẹp bốn mùa

Nha Trang is beautiful in 4 seasons – Photo: Miggy McNally


  • Transport: Coming to Nha Trang is simple, Nha Trang has a train station, there are North-South coaches running through National Highway 1A night and day, there is a spacious Cam Ranh airport not too far from the city, and the road to Nha Trang is Super nice, straight and spoiled for the young people to move non-stopCó rất nhiều phương tiện để đến Nha Trang

There are many ways to get to Nha Trang – Photo: Damien Ricard

  • Costumes: Cruise indispensable bikini highlights, the type of clothing to bring also compact, easy to fold, easy to dry. Shoes choose a convenient, comfortable movement, preferably made of less waterproof material. Bring hats, raincoats, folding umbrellas, sunglasses … just trendy, just trendy.
    Mang đồ hợp thời tiết

Wearing weatherproof clothes – Photo: Sin Nguyen

  • Personal items: Including personal papers, technology items such as cameras, phones, memory cards, chargers … stowed in waterproof bags, also need to prepare medicine, sunscreen, all kinds of paper, some snacks, diving goggles, earplugs, etc. are essential for beach outings.
    Cảnh đẹp nên thơ trữ tình

Beautiful and poetic landscape – Photo: Helene Capper

  • Schedule, accommodation: There should be a preliminary schedule if not detailed, this is very important because it will save quite a bit of time so you can be assured of travel. Both booking accommodation, knowing in advance the delicious places, beautiful locations, operating hours of some destinations, culture, customs … of Nha Trang will help a lot for your trip.
    Lên lịch trình trước khi đi rất quan trọng

It is important to plan it before you go – Photo: Miggy McNally


  • Famous spots: Nha Trang has many beautiful places, you have to spend at least 3 days to play “ark” in this beautiful city. Some destinations that are highly appreciated by tourists are Tu Binh beach (Binh Ba, Binh Hung, Binh Lap, Binh Tien), Diep Son Island – where there is a unique undersea path, Vinpearl Land on Hon Tre Island , Hon Tam Island, Ninh Van Bay, Ponagar Tower, Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography, Van Phong Bay, Dam market …
    Bình minh biển Nha Trang

Dawn of Nha Trang beach – Photo: Khanh Hmoong

  • Transportation: Like some other coastal cities, trams are very popular here because of their convenience and environment friendliness. Sitting on the streetcar, watching the scenery, riding a double bike, or renting a motorbike … are very convenient, you can freely choose to suit each situation.
    Thành phố hiện đại

Modern city – Photo: Osutrwaleeah

  • Attention when swimming: Of course, going to Nha Trang can not ignore the interesting bathing. You need to take care not to bathe too far from shore, away from places where there is no wave because it is easy to fall into dangerous whirlpools, do not take your eyes off children if they go to the beach.
    Tắm biển Nha Trang cần hết sức cẩn thận

Bathing in Nha Trang needs to be very careful – Photo: bw.futures

  • Other notes: If you do not want to schedule, you can buy tours from the beginning, or buy day tours of many travel companies in Nha Trang, find out information, specific schedules, and accompanying services.
    Nha Trang ngày càng phát triển vượt bậc

Nha Trang is growing rapidly – Photo: Osutrwaleeah


  • Famous dishes: the coastal city of Central Vietnam, so the ownership of marine specialties is not strange, from ordinary people such as fish ball vermicelli, jellyfish vermicelli, pickled fish vermicelli, Ninh Hoa spring rolls, soup noodles, wet cakes, Biscuits, duck cake … to “luxurious” as lobster, abalone … are fresh and delicious.
    Thưởng thức đặc sản Nha Trang

Enjoy Nha Trang specialties – Photo: Khanh Hmoong

  • Gifts to bring back: mainly dried seafood. You can visit Dam market, make sure to buy enough gifts to buy as gifts, walking around the market 2-3 hours will bring armpit immediately.Chợ sáng

Morning market – Photo: Khanh Hmoong

Travel everywhere is the same, you need to learn in advance to avoid updates, everything goes smoothly, then your trip is perfect. Even with a little difficulty, the preparation in advance will help you overcome it easier. So, not just Nha Trang, if you need to visit any attractions, remember to visit Mytour, Mytour always accompanies you on every way!