Suggestions to decorate the hotel in Christmas season are the most impressive and attractive

In the hospitality industry, Noel is one of the holidays that is very concerned and focused. The hotel when entering the Christmas season has become extravagant, shimmering than usual. If you have no idea what to decorate your hotel on this holiday is outstanding, the article Suggesting the most impressive, attractive Christmas hotel decoration will help you.

1. Why must be decorated hotel Christmas

Gợi ý trang trí khách sạn mùa Noel ấn tượng, thu hút nhất

  • Increasing sales: Every Christmas is also the year-end occasion, the demand for shopping, using most services increases and even increases many times compared to weekdays. Therefore, the hotel needs to decorate the Christmas atmosphere to attract customers as well as make plans for the impressive holiday celebration programs.
  • Demonstrate professionalism: A large part of the guests at the hotel are foreigners, from Western countries. Therefore, with Noel family is the most important traditional holiday of the year so the hotel decorated on this occasion is indispensable to welcome visitors, especially foreign guests.
  • Impress customers and partners: Christmas celebrations everywhere are sparkling and sparkling decorations. Therefore, if your hotel is decorated impressively, it will attract the curiosity and enjoyment of many people.
  • Bring a warm, reunion atmosphere at the end of the year: Although it is a holiday originating from the West and introduced into Vietnam, the meaning of the Christmas holiday remains intact. The hotel, when conveying the right atmosphere on this holiday, will bring visitors a warm, familiar and reunited feeling, bringing people together.
  • Effective communication effects: In the era of strong technology development, information spread at the current speed as quickly as possible, creating an impression through the idea of ​​decorating Christmas for hotels is unique and impressive. will contribute to bring your brand to the community in the fastest way. In particular, you can choose many effective, low-cost communication methods such as sharing on websites, social networking sites, …

2. What is the preparation for Christmas decoration for hotel?

  • Ideas to decorate Noel: To make sure your hotel is impressive, to stand out on this Christmas holiday, you need to create new images, maybe from familiar objects, but still ensuring the direction to the owner. Christmas theme.
  • Noel decorations: The Christmas decorations market is rich in designs, types and prices. Depending on the idea, budget, and hotel space to calculate buying enough quantities.
  • Personnel decorating Noel: The hotel can use its staff to decorate Noel with simple and easy ideas. As for sophisticated, complex ideas, the hotel should hire a professional Christmas decoration unit to ensure the actual space as planned.

3. Where should the hotel be decorated?

3.1. Space in front of the hotel

Gợi ý trang trí khách sạn mùa Noel ấn tượng, thu hút nhất

This is the first place to impress visitors when passing through your hotel. Can be decorated with a giant pine tree with Santa Claus riding a reindeer to give presents, in addition can be decorated with a flashlight, ribbons along both sides of the hotel entrance, around the fence (if any) ) …

3.2. Lobby in the hotel

Gợi ý trang trí khách sạn mùa Noel ấn tượng, thu hút nhất

As soon as you step into the lobby, make your customers admire your design and decoration. Hotels with large and spacious halls can be designed into an ice rink and decorated with related items such as socks, presents, laurels…. The fireplace is also a suggestion the hotel should consider.

In addition, the hotel should spray shaping or decal stickers pine trees, Santa Claus, reindeer … onto the glass door surface.

3.3. Restaurant area in the hotel

Gợi ý trang trí khách sạn mùa Noel ấn tượng, thu hút nhất

With the hotel has a restaurant area inside, you can decorate a number of pine trees alternating in the restaurant space, set up a Christmas table, hang the flashing lights, decorated with snowflakes, pentagram above. ceilings or corners …

What is more wonderful than when your customers are enjoying meals in a cozy, Christmas-style atmosphere.

3.4. Corridor between floors

Gợi ý trang trí khách sạn mùa Noel ấn tượng, thu hút nhất

The corridor is a place where people often travel, just simple decoration but still make the hotel brilliant Christmas atmosphere. Sparkling Christmas trees can be decorated with images reminiscent of Christmas.

3.5. Room to stay

Gợi ý trang trí khách sạn mùa Noel ấn tượng, thu hút nhất

In the room, guests can decorate the Christmas tree to increase the festive atmosphere by placing in the corner of the room, next to the bed or mini type on the table …

If there is not too much expense, the hotel can wrap ribbons, laurels or pine needles along the two sides of the stairs, …

4. Points to note when decorating the hotel on Christmas

The main colors for Christmas are red, white and blue. Therefore, the decoration of the hotel space needs suitable and harmonious color coordination and still has to ensure the feng shui element.
Pine tree is a typical image indispensable for Christmas. However, the placement of pine trees must ensure a prominent position but do not block the aisles and ensure open space in the hotel.

5. Suggesting beautiful and impressive decoration of Noel hotel

Giant Christmas tree at Vinpearl is a unique check-in point

Big beautifully decorated pine tree in Hanoi Daewoo hotel

Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Furama Resort Danang

The table is sparkling in the candlelight and the pinecone

Decorate Christmas by the window of the hotel

The 15-meter tall pine tree at the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi hotel uses up to 50,000 lights

JW Marriott Hanoi also arranged Vespa cars, trams instead of reindeer images.

In the Hanoi Daewoo hotel lobby, there is a model of Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral, made at 1:18. The work has an outer wooden frame covered with biscuits and sugar.

Melia Hanoi Hotel does not use pine trees with green tones with traditional decorations. Instead, the tree is made of silver-colored materials, creating a sparkling reflection when light shines on.

Above are the impressive hotel decoration ideas for Christmas season. Hopefully the article will help your hotel has a new look, “excited” visitors from near and far.