1.200.000đ/ room/ night


Room View: Hướng Biển, Hướng Núi
Size: 25m2
Number of Rooms: 24


Giường Đơn
Giường Đôi
Điều Hoà
Free Wifi
Vòi Hoa Sen
Bồn Tắm
Máy Sấy Tóc
Hồ Bơi

Family suite is the name of a suite of rooms specially designed with 2 bedrooms – a private toilet suitable for family guests or close friends of 4 people who want to stay together. Family suite can include a kitchen to serve the needs of preparing your own food and depending on the hotel – resort, the area of this room type will be different.

In hotels, suites are often named under different names: Junior suites, Family suites, Senior suites, Executive suites … to increase the level of Vip – attract many different customers.

1. Bedroom

Interior – equipment standards:

  • Single bed 1.2m x 2m
  • Double bed 1.6m x 2m
  • Beds for disabled people 1.8m x 2m
  • Blankets with cover, 20cm thick cushion, carbonated, pillow with cover
  • Bedside cabinets or shelves (one single bed room: 01 cabinet / nightstand, one double bed room: 02 cabinets / bedside shelf, two single beds: 01 or 02 cabinets / bedside shelves)
  • Electrical equipment control panel is located in the nightstand
  • The headboard lamp for each guest can adjust the brightness, the electrical socket is safe at the headboard
  • Phone
  • Air conditioner, TV, minibar (with drinks, snacks, snacks)
  • Instruction for use of telephone and television
  • Wardrobe with clothes hanger – Clothes hanger with many types to hang all kinds of clothes, shirts – clothes brush
  • High-speed wireless internet (wifi), high-speed cable internet (internet cable)
  • Working table, desk lamp, safety socket at the desk.
  • Tables and chairs drinking water, drinking glasses, cups of tea – coffee
  • Safe deposit box
  • Smoke detectors (smoke detector)
  • Automatic water sprinkler system (sprinkler)
  • Sufficient lighting.
  • Window blinds are bright enough
  • Safety socket
  • Picture
  • Bedroom carpets or wooden floors
  • Emergency exit diagram
  • Eyes mounted on the door, doorbell, safety latch, magnetic card locks, the door automatically closes.

Standard items:

  • A briefcase containing information about the hotel and guest guides includes: rules, services and service prices, service hours of services, promotional policies, envelopes, paper, pens
  • Water boiler
  • Beer, wine openers
  • Paper boxes for food, fruit tableware
  • Crate or laundry bag
  • Trash bags
  • Luggage racks, slippers
  • Paper or sponge wipe shoe
  • Bag needle, hair dryer, iron, iron
  • Mirror
  • Mirror the whole person

2. Restroom

– With the restroom

Standards of interior – equipment:

  • Walls are made of water-proof materials and floors are made of non-slip materials
  • Safety socket
  • Phone connected to the bedroom
  • Washbasin, pedestal placed washbasin
  • Shower / tub shower with shower
  • Water faucet, shower
  • Shower system shower standing shower
  • Toilet, water tap next to the toilet
  • Mirror, lamp on mirror, ceiling light
  • Hot water
  • Ventilation equipment
  • Gas system and floor drain ensure to prevent odor

Standard items:

  • Clothes hangers, towel racks of all kinds
  • Bath salts
  • Doormat
  • Clothesline, health scales
  • Toilet paper, trash can with lid
  • Items for a guest: cup, soap, face towel, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair cap, makeup remover, cotton swab, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, lotion, bathrobe.