1.200.000đ/ room/ night


Room View: Hướng Biển, Hướng Thành Phố, Hướng Núi
Size: 25m2
Number of Rooms: 13


Giường Đơn
Giường Đôi
Điều Hoà
Free Wifi
Vòi Hoa Sen
Bồn Tắm
Máy Sấy Tóc
Hồ Bơi

This room is known as SUP. This type of hotel room is designed in a simple style. If taking Standard room as standard, the SUP room type will have a larger area, around 20m2 and will be equipped with more modern equipment. The view of this room is average, the room has a balcony and window.

This room type is for those who need a short stay, can travel, business. SUP rooms are now available in both budget and luxury hotels with their own design standards depending on the star of the hotel.

There are 3 types of Superior rooms:

  • Superior Twin Room: This is a SUP room with 2 single beds with basic dimensions such as 1m x 1.9m, 1.1m x 2m or 1.2m x 2m or it may depend on the regulations of the customer. This room is usually suitable for groups of friends traveling together.
  • Superior Double Room: This is a SUP room with a small bed size (Double bed) of about 1.5 x 2m. This type of room is suitable for couples or friends traveling together.
  • Superior King Room: This is a SUP room with a large bed type, from 1.8x2m or more. This room type is suitable for couples with young children or minors.